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pure silver analog and digital interconnect cables

Stager Silver Solids Pure Silver Audio Cables RCA interconnect

Some impressions of Stager Silver Solids Pure Silver Audio Cables from reviewers.

1. Sound quality: Reviewers consistently praise the Stager Silver Solids for their sound quality, noting characteristics like clarity, purity of tone, and accurate imaging[1][2]. They are described as allowing music to sound great by not hindering its transmission[4].

2. Value for money: The Stager Silver Solids are frequently cited as offering excellent performance at a much lower price compared to many high-end cable brands[1][2][3]. They are described as achieving "the highest level of performance at a fraction of the cost of the mega-expensive cables"[2].

3. Construction: The cables use .999 purity solid core silver wire with Teflon insulation, which is considered a high-quality construction method[1]. The build quality is praised as being among the best some reviewers have encountered[4].

4. Neutrality: Some reviewers note that the Stager Silver Solids do not color the sound, which is seen as a positive attribute[4]. This aligns with the company's philosophy of allowing music to sound great by not hindering its transmission.

5. Flexibility: The cables are described as relatively thin and malleable, which can be an advantage for some setups[4].

6. Connectors: The gold-plated Canare F-10 RCA connectors used on these cables are praised for their quality and tight fit[1].

7. Comparison to more expensive cables: In some reviews, the Stager Silver Solids are said to compete favorably with more expensive cables, particularly in terms of high-frequency extension and openness[3].

8. Six reviewers, offered the option of returning the review samples sixty days after receiving them for review, or buying them at the full listed price and keeping them, chose to buy them . It is interesting to note that I do not advertise on any of the websites connected to these reviews.







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