Stager Silver Solids

             pure silver analog and digital interconnect cables

Herer are excerpts from Silver Solids reviews where the reviewers bought - and paid in full, for their own Stager Silver Solids interconnect cables

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Adam Labarge
The Audio Beatnik
April 19, 2020

If you have made it thus far, then you already know my opinion on these cables. And if you happened to just skip to the end, then let me reiterate. I could not be happier, and I have been enjoying my music even more, especially during this time while we are all stuck inside.
There's not too much more that I can say. I'm sold. I was happy to purchase these cables from Marc and I'm very glad he connected with The Audio Beatnik and made this review possible.


Howard Milstein
The Sound Advocate
February 19, 2019

As may be obvious, I will be purchasing Stager Silver Solids as they have now become a reference analogue interconnect for me; particularly in view of the amount of different equipment reviews to be further undertaken. I believe all audiophiles and music lovers among you make it a mandatory obligation to try out these cables in your own systems. I will vouch for the fact that you will not be disappointed!


Andre Marc
Audio-Video Revolution
November 8, 2011

I can't recommend them highly enough. So much so, I am buying several pairs for myself.


Jeff Brown
High Fidelity Review
From Affordable Audio (closed) Nov 2008

So if you haven't figured it out, I have a new favorite set of interconnects. I also have the very first product in my almost one year of reviewing that I wont be sending back! I didn't get in to the reviewing hobby to collect equipment. I have plenty already and my wife says too much, but I just can't seem to put these back in the box. I would give Marc and his Stager Silver Solids 2 thumbs up, but one of them is currently getting my wallet out!


Andrew Marshall
Audio Ideas Guide
March 29, 2003

I found the Stager Solids extremely natural and open, with lots of detail and a sweet top end, amazing performance at the price, likely to work well both between sources and preamps, and preamps and amplifiers, unless any of these components is itself overly bright. They're good enough that I decided to buy them, and though I may use them mostly for digital signals, I'm also sure they'll come in handy with high end analog components.