Stager Silver Solids

pure silver analog and digital interconnect cables

Design  Unshielded symmetrical pair - Ultra low 11 pF/ft. capacitance. Outstanding performance as an analog or digital link.
Wire  .999 pure soft temper solid core silver wire, 24 ga. (.020" diameter) eliminates skin effect losses. Meticulously hand polished to a flawless, grainless surface. Far superior to stranded wire in accurately conveying the depth, dynamics, and details of music. Pure silver, not silver plated copper.
Insulator  Translucent Teflon (PTFE).  Teflon is the very best insulator available at any price - and silver is the best conductor. Teflon is the Chemours trade name for PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
Connectors  Canare F-10 RCA connectors. Machined solid brass center, Teflon insulator, 24K gold plated contacts, spring strain relief. Beautiful fit and finish. Stager Silver Solids also are available in a three wire balanced configuration using Neutrik XLR connectors with silver plated pins.
Construction  Cardas Quad Eutectic solder is used for all contacts.
Caig DeOxit Gold is applied to silver for lasting anti-tarnish protection and to connectors for optimal electrical contact. Color coded Polyolefin heat shrink tubing protects and ID's the ends.
Guarantee:  Unconditional 30 days money back from the time you receive them.
After, call or email if they need repair or you find them in any way unsatisfactory.
No charge to repair, next month or five years from now.

In addition to RCA and XLR interconnedct cables, we also make cables for
headphones, speakers, turntables, etc.   A few examples are shown below:


Audeze headphone cable


Oppo heaphone cable


SME tonearm cable w. Cardas DIN connector


Jelco tonearm cable w. generic DIN connector


Stager Silver Solids shielded and paired interconnects


CAT6E speaker cable with sample terminations